The best ways to Have Safe Sex as a Lesbian

It surprises me how many women understand about having safe sex but typically they do not use that understanding. How we simply take the word of the person we are getting naked with as the truth as well as virus cost-free? If that was a foul evidence approach we wouldn’t have the Sexually Transmitted Disease (sexually sent condition) problems we have today!

Growing up in South Africa you discover HIV as well as AIDS early on, promotions as well as education run ramped in my birth nation. Give thanks to benefits that in the Gay area we are a bit much more enlightened as well as aggressive concerning HIV/AIDS education, but still it is the children doing all the job as well as putting the info out there. Lesbians stay quiet as well as some also uninformed of the risk of having risky sex. I also had a young Lesbian inform me that Lesbians can not obtain Sexually transmitted diseases? Sorry, My Darlings but we are quite susceptible to getting a Sexually Transmitted Disease; actually no person or teams of individuals are immune to the spreading of condition. Illness is spread through activity, not sexual identification or choice.

The trouble lies that when we hear the term OB/GYN we assume contraception, as well as since undoubtedly two women could not make a baby we ignore that part of our treatment. There is a whole lot much more that takes place there then simply having a baby as well as a yearly or routine check up will certainly maintain your vagina delighted as well as healthy. A healthy vagina indicates more secure as well as better sex.

There are lots of factors that women do not take care of their sexual wellness, but there is no reason. If you are closeted as well as worried of coming out to your doctor you need to do some study.

That is exactly what I do, I found out that I am the client/patient as well as I want my REQUIREMENT met properly by a medical professional that realises exactly what they are doing. Individuals are afraid to speak with their physicians, but they intend to take care of all individuals so you have to connect as well as discuss your interest in them. Going to the doctor is part of being a healthy and balanced person, as well as it proves to self-respect.

Additionally, a lot of Sexually Transmitted Disease’s could be treated as well as are typically the result of unpleasant as well as agonizing sex. It is perfectly alright to ask your partner how many individuals they have made love with, when is the last time they made love, if they ever had a HIV test, have they ever traded needles or have they ever had an uncommon pap smear (they also have the right not to address). Unfortunately lots of Sexually Transmitted Disease’s typically aren’t noticeable up until there is a significant danger, given that lots of stay active below the surface area of the skin spreading or dormant infecting others. Actually most times individuals are contaminated as well as are uninformed, that’s why you need to obtain a HIV antibody test as well as practice safe sex. There are Free Medical Clinics, if you do a search you will certainly find them!

The other trouble is that Lesbians who have never copulated a guy or who have copulated few guys assume they are not in jeopardy. It is the number of companions that actually makes the difference, not the sex. With lesbians the bigger the number of female companions has actually been associated with a boosted risk of bacterial vaginosis, herpes, as well as HPV in numerous educations.

More secure sex methods could be fun as well as there are lots of that do not include exchange of liquids, such as frottage (rubbing also known as dry humping with garments on), nipple as well as breast play, discussing sex dabble a prophylactic on, genital touching with gloves, oral sex with an obstacle, self masturbation, fantasy, talking dirty, enjoying or reviewing pornography, cyber connections, voyeurism as well as indecent exposure.

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If you do have a Sexually Transmitted Disease you still deserve to be loved as well as could have sex, you simply need to be much more careful as well as practice safe sex like everybody else. Most of us deserve to be loved, appreciated as well as taken care of, simply be truthful concerning where you are in life, how much you could give of yourself as well as how much you need from your partner. Many Sexually Transmitted Disease’s are also treatable as well as convenient if we simply care for ourselves as well as obtain clinically on a track to advertise wellness in our lives.

You simply do not know, so it is important to be mindful as well as cautious. I comprehend that you are in love as well as to consider your partner having been with another person could be disgusting as well as troubling. However, the truth is you do not know their past sexual methods, clinical standing, or history. Individuals make errors, slip as well as are flawed as well as could not be as virginal as they guaranteed. So do not pay the price for another person’s options, it’s your body so make certain you make healthy choices for yourself.